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Intersectionality poster with laurels.jpeg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Hollywood Guerrilla Film Festival - 2023 - white letters.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Utopia Film Festival - 2023.png

Just a few words from some of the festivals entered:
"Intersectionality scored high in writing..."
"The film scored high in story, message, and fit for genre..."
"Your submission "Intersectionality" has been advanced to Finalist..."

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film - 2023 white letters.

""Intersectionality", brings to the table a must needed portrayal of people living with autism (and the director does a great job at expressing this on the screen, as well as at creating a good audiovisual world around it)..."
We noticed two areas of opportunity: photography and performance;  this being said we just want to reiterate that the short's topic and the director's approach are really solid..."

Whispers - Diane Powell.jpeg

Statement from producer, director, writer Veronica Johnson-Jones:

"What an awesome and talented young lady who came with professional acting skills. Diane Powell was cast as Attorney Dana Turner, Esq. and stepped right in as the matriarch of her family." --Ronnie Jones, Writer, Director, Exexutive Producer



Diane Powell - Colors of Conv LLC pic.JPG

Statement from host of, "Simone Talks", Simone Walker:
"It is always a pleasure to work with such great talent.  Interviewing you was a highlight of my career.  We have done so much together in this industry and it has been a blessing from day one.  Continue to soar sis!"  Simone Walker, "Simone Talks", Host

4Sisters Live Promo pic.jpeg

Statement from co-host of, "4Sisters Live", Linda Powell:
"Thank you for coming on the show!  You really touched our hearts and souls with your message and presentation.  Our audience will learn so much from this show.  We will be inviting you on again.  Continue to Bless everyone with your story and your films.  Peace and Blessings!!"    Linda Powell, 4SISTERSLIVE, Health and Wellness, Co-Host

Statement from WHUR 96.3 FM radio host of "The Daily Drum", Harold Fisher, during his interview with another cast member and director of the film "Old School Rollers":
Harold Fisher described his appreciation of the character I played, Stacey, and the importance of the character in the movie when he said “ …the subtlety of it and the way she handled it…the finesse, and the grace and the humor…”.   I was both overwhelmed and


Old School Rollers - Car Scene 1.jpg
appreciative of his connection with Stacey. As a veteran actress it’s always an honor to hear someone appreciating the talent God has blessed me with.  To listen, advance to 37:55 - 42:13
Riverment - Screening Room.JPG

Statement from writer and director of "Riverment" (Shayla Raquel):
"Riverment" is currently showing on Comcast Xfinity.  It was recently featured on Fox Soul's Screening Room with Vivica Fox via YouTube.   Following the initial showing Fox Soul's Screening Room with Vivica Fox, "Clubhouse" featured Shayla Raquel and Keisha Knight-Pulliam along with other panelists for an in-depth discussion of the film.

Diane, thank you so much for lending your talents to this project. You were such a joy to work with and I truly admire you! I am so happy that you enjoyed the film and that you trusted me with your talents! I can't thank you enough! 

LISO - Diane speaking to God.jpg

Statement from creator, writer, director about my performance in "The View from the Tunnel"  (Elaine Hutchinson):

As a playwright and storyteller, it is crucial to get the right actor to portray the depth of each of your characters, and to interpret the meaning of the work you’ve put in black and white - as you watch it comes to life on stage - in color.  Diane Powell has been my go to actor for the past 10 years.   My play, “The View From the Tunnel,” was about my bout with cancer.  She emulated my life, my feelings and emotions in a manner that pleased me, and even brought clarity as to how I was actually feeling while going through chemotherapy. 

Seeing the play brought me closure to the haunting thoughts of the insecurities I had felt.  I saw myself - on stage through Diane’s portrayal.  She brings forth the character in the way it was written, and sometimes she even surpasses the character’s magnitude.  She is a highly skilled, innovative, intuitive –and a top of the line actor.  The only reason Diane is not on Hollywood’s red carpet, or on Broadway’s billboards is because the right talent agency has not met her.  She’s dependable, creative and would go to extremes to memorize the script and interpret the role imaginatively and ingeniously in record timing, and before any other actor is able to.  Diane Powell is a keeper!

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